Death Certificates

 Certified copies of the Death Certificate are necessary to process life insurance polices, bank accounts,property,investments, auto registrations,etc..  A death certificate may be obtained through a funeral director.  It is a good idea to obtain multiple copies of a death certificate as most agencies require a certified copy of the certificate (it has the seal of the Health Department and states that it is a copy of the original) and not a photocopy. If a death occures in Onondaga County the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the county Health Department charges $ 30 dollars for the first copy and $ 15 dollars apiece for additional copies all in the same order.A funeral director may obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate for six months from the date a person dies. The family must deal directly with with the Bureau of Vital Statistics after that. Other counties in New York State  may have diffrent fees and procedures.